A name change is in the works for a popular bakery returning to Dover, New Hampshire, this fall.

A Southern Girl Bakery, formerly located on 4th Street, serves tasty treats that would impress any cupcake connoisseur. The owners pride themselves on "baking authentic southern flavored cupcakes, cookies, and cakes for our New England friends to enjoy," according to their Facebook page. Speaking from experience, their cupcakes are super delicious.

The bakery also offers vegan and gluten-free goods, as well as alcohol-infused cupcakes. Say what? Yep, you heard that right. They taste great, too.

The business had temporarily relocated over the summer, setting up shop near Short Sands beach in York, Maine. This location no doubt attracted the attention of hungry beachgoers eager to curb their sweet tooth. Now, the bakery has announced their upcoming return to Dover this fall, this time with a new name.

Starting this October, A Southern Girl Bakery will officially be known as Frankie & Lela's.

According to the Facebook post, "everything remains the same, we just changed the name." It looks like there will be new baked goods for us to enjoy, including "chocolate covered Oreos and Donuts." Cupcake and cake decorating classes will be offered as well. Does it get any better than that?

Welcome back to the neighborhood, Frankie & Lela's. We are super happy to have you back. This writer will definitely be stopping in soon to get some cupcakes. It's been too long.

To learn more about Frankie & Lela's, click here to visit their website or visit their Facebook page here.

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