According to, 60% of people polled recently said they were likely to get the vaccine when it becomes available.

What happens if people don’t get vaccinated?

I must come clean to you, my mother was an anti-vaxxer and I have never been vaccinated for anything.  She never got myself or my sister vaccinated for anything.  When I had children, my wife got all my children vaccinated.

It’s not like I personally have a firm belief about vaccines, either way, it was my mom’s decision.  Recently, my sister and her husband and kids came down with Whooping Cough, and they had a rough time of it.

Now that I am expecting a grandchild in February, they have recommended that I get a Whooping Cough booster, but I’ve never been vaccinated, and it’s difficult to explain that to the doctor.

My wife is at high risk for complications of COVID and she will get the vaccine when she qualifies for it.  She recently got the flu vaccine.  Me?  I’m honestly on the fence about it. I believe COVID is real and I take all precautions like wearing a mask, washing my hands, social distancing, not dining out, but I’m kind of terrified of the vaccine.

According to, some doses of the vaccine may be available as early as this month, so I suppose I better make up my mind soon.  The news outlet reports that the Western New England Polling Institute polled 415 adults about their beliefs about safety measures, such as mask-wearing, which was supported by 90% of those questioned.

They also asked if they would take the vaccine when it becomes available and one-third of the respondents said no, they were concerned about side effects and they don’t trust the approval process.

I guess I am in the minority and have to do some research.

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