It must have taken a lot of math to figure out how to make this tribute happen.  That and maybe a drone and some fantastic parking skills.  According to, First Student Rochester location manager Christopher Taft and his crew teamed up to organize a wonderful gesture for the class of 2020 who have had to miss out on so much of what normal high school graduation time should be.  Christopher Taft and his team parked the buses in such a way that spelled-out “2020” for the kids and then had the project memorialized by Memories Studios in aerial photos.


Many students were moved by the gesture including Noah Thorpe who is part of the Dover High School class of 2020.  He tells “It meant a lot to me that they did this because right now it seems like everyone is off just doing their own thing, but to see them do this for us seniors who don’t get a graduation, it gets morale up and shows that others are thinking of us.”  Noah went onsite to see the school bus tribute after having read in the paper what Christopher Taft and his team were planning.


Life looks very different for this year’s graduating class and with each wedding that is postponed or graduation ceremony that is canceled we can’t help but grieve a little for what has been lost along with the many who have died during this pandemic.  The death toll is not just a statistic.  Behind each person who has died of COVID-19, there is a grieving family.  Thank you, Christopher Taft, for your touching tribute to the class of 2020.  Each act of kindness inspires me that we can all make a difference and we will get through this together.


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