It’s that time of year again.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words well this picture takes the cake, or hopefully for one Maine woman, the prize. According to,  Her dog Tostito is up for the Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest.  The contest, which is held each year for the last 30, takes place in Petaluma, California.   Molly Horgan of Falmouth, Maine is super happy that her dog is competing and believes in the message the contest sends; that every dog is beautiful.

The contest brings awareness to the “adopt don’t shop” campaign.  Before you buy a pedigreed dog from a breeder, check out all those loving animals that are in shelters and need a fur-ever home first!    Puppy mills need to be put out of business.  The conditions that some of these dogs for sale are experiencing are horrific.

On a personal note, I got my dog Buddy from a shelter and he has shown me so much love I can’t even express it in words.  It’s like he knew I was his last hope. He is blind in one eye but that never stopped him.  He has the best playful, loving attitude and loves walks more than anything in the world.  As the saying goes, “Who rescued who?”


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