As we near the one year anniversary of the first fatal shark attack in Maine that many can remember, Harpswell has installed warning flags.

According to the KJ, a purple flag with a white shark on it will be raised above popular beach spots when a shark has been spotted nearby.  The flag will be flown in Mitchell Field, Mackerel Cove, and Cedar Beach if a shark has been spotted within a quarter of a mile.  The flag, meant to warn people to swim at their own risk, will remain in place until the next day.

Town officials say, as they lack scientific background, they will consider any report of a shark to be credible.

You may remember that, on July 27th (2020), Julie Dimperio Holowach, who lived in New York City, but summered on Bailey Island, was attacked while swimming less than 100 feet offshore.  Sadly, she was killed in the attack.

In the week following the fatal attack, there were three other shark sightings in the area.

Marine biologists remind us that sharks are not new to the Maine coast.  However, last year's fatal attack definitely raised awareness about the aquatic predators.

While the state and the officials in Maine's beach towns want you to enjoy the Maine beaches, they also want you to use caution.

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