Over the weekend, police made a startling discovery, as someone has abandoned their pet German Shepherd.

According to Boston.com, police in Enfield, Connecticut are still looking for the person, or persons who simply abandoned their German Shepherd. It's understandable if someone has to part with a pet, but there are proper ways to go about this. In this case not like there was an ad put on Craigslist, or a new home was searched out before letting him go. He wasn't released to the wild. Apparently, he left him in a cage, as the dog was found down a highway embankment, suffering from dehydration. Otherwise, according to a Facebook post, the dog appears to be healthy and was wearing a blue collar with a black clasp.

Understandably, the pooch was shaken and found afraid. After warming up to humans again, he appeared friendly. Police are asking anyone who recognizes the dog or may know who abandoned it to contact Officer Ryan at Jryan@enfield.org or by voicemail at 860-763-6400 ext 1414.


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