I'm not into camping but glamping is definitely something I can get down with! According to Forbes Magazine, there is a luxury yurt hidden in a Vermont forest that “should be at the top of your list".

The article goes on to say that traveling in 2020 looks completely different than it has in years past. Road trips, camping, and home-sharing have moved to the forefront. A lot of people visit Vermont for ski season but Forbes says the forests near Bristol are just as delightful in the Summer and Autumn.

This luxury yurt is nestled in the forest and offers a home base for several nearby hiking trails through the woods. The yurt accommodates up to three people and it includes all of the comforts of home and then some! It has a full bathroom, kitchen, WiFi, and parking. Outside, guests enjoy a deck, fire pit, (did somebody say s'mores?!) and garden and mountain views

Check out the full Forbes article here for all of the must stay yurts all around the country.


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