I was today years old when I learned what a Degu is, and dang they are cute! They kind of look like if a guinea pig and a squirrel had a baby.

The New Hampshire SPCA shared that it is not very often that these sweet Chilean rodents are up for adoption, never mind three-month-old degus!

For those who are not familiar with degus (aka most of us), the post goes on to say they are a close relative of the chinchilla. When in the wild, they live in large groups and work together to construct their burrows. They’re problem solvers and extremely loyal to their pack. FUN FACT: female degus will even help nurse their friends’ offspring if needed! Now THAT'S a friend. You don't see human mamas doing that for each other very often.

rodent degu climbed on a tree branch in the Park
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The New Hampshire SPCA currently has four male degus available for adoption: Lex Luthor, Penguin, Riddler, and Two Face. The fact that these sweet little smooshes are rocking supervillain names is the best kind of irony there is.

While these degus might look like undercover gerbils, rest assured, they’re not. These guys are just babies, but can actually grow up to four times the size of your average gerbil!

rodent degu plays in room
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Another characteristic that differentiates degus from other more common household rodents is that they’re diurnal, meaning they are awake and active during the day. They also have an average lifespan that is a bit longer than most rodents (5-9 years). More time to love them!

Young girl observe the degu squirrel eats nuts on white table
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According to petmd.com this is your degu owner manual. They need: 

  • A spacious enclosure with lots of room to dig and exercise. Make sure it's a cage that they can't chew their way out!
  • A cage lined with paper based bedding.
  • Temps between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit (can't go above 80, they cannot sweat and will overheat).
  • Time out of their cage every day to run around and exercise.
  • Socialization. Degus are incredibly social creatures, and use somewhere in the region of 15 different sounds to communicate. human contact is a must!
  • Love, and lots of it!

They are seeking home(s) that are interested in adopting either a pair or all four. If you are looking for a couple of sidekicks, please swing by the New Hampshire SPCA between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. any day except Wednesday to meet these cutie patooties!

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