All aboard the summer camp bus, but grab your beers, because this place is a party.

I recently wrote about an adult summer camp in New Hampshire, Camp WYLO, which is a really unique combination of relaxing and fun for adults only. To see that camp, check it out here.

BUT, this is NOT that adult summer camp. No, no, no. This one is much more of a party.

An adrenaline-filled weekend of booze, activities, and trying things you may have always wanted to try.

This is Club Getaway, an adult-only summer camp:

This adult summer camp is intense. Think of a fun summer camp activity. Whatever came to your mind, Club Getaway has.

Themed Parties? Yup. Toga, '80s, disco, etc. There is always a themed party for the crazy adult campers.

Water sports? Yup. They have tons of inflatable water obstacles. They also have water slides, wakeboarding, water skiing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and more.

Sports and games? Yup. From keg kickball to group Olympics, the activities are nonstop. But Club Getaway also offers yoga, paint and sip nights, and other relaxing activities.

And drinking? Um, yeah, that takes place throughout the entire camping weekend.

Club Getaway is on 300 acres in Kent, Connecticut. The videos and pictures of this experience seem unmatched.

Those staying will be placed in an AC/heated cabin with fresh linens, daily housekeeping, and 2-4 twin beds. So you are treated like royalty even while you are at a summer camp.

And if you were wondering, Club Getaway is not JUST for adults.

They have adult-only camping weekends. However, they also open their facilities for full-family camping weekends, kids-only camps, weddings, and more.

To book either an adult summer camp weekend or one of the other offerings at this epic summer camp, visit their website here.

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