Have you ever dreamed of living near or at the water, but secretly feel like it's just out of your reach?  An ocean view seems like a small dream, but usually comes with a big price tag.

Ocean view properties have skyrocketed in the past five years, so with the average home price in Maine at over $382,000, according to Zillow.com, imagine what the average water view home price is.

In 2016, the average home price was $182,000, so you can see the inflation in home property values and why first-time homeowners have trouble actually buying that first home.  Many are looking for a place to land that's priced around $500,000, but even those are hard to find, especially on the water.

Here's a dreamy condominium option with water views that's fully furnished too.  The stylish condo is sleek and well-appointed, with coastal touches.

This place offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with lots of natural light from the many windows.  The main room is flooded with light, as most of the main front wall is all windows.  Don't worry, your condo is on the second floor, so you can enjoy the light without people peeping in.

If you love to cook, this kitchen has it all with granite countertops, modern appliances, and even an island. Or if you'd rather call it a breakfast bar, that works too.

The best part is that the kitchen, eating, and living room area is one large open space, which makes entertaining easy.

LegacySir.com/Laura Farr
LegacySir.com/Laura Farr

Don't you love a kitchen when you can see your guests while cooking, or watch the game while you're whipping up some wings for your friends?

The master bedroom is serene, and you won't have to share a bathroom with your guests in the second bedroom because you have your own en-suite.  If your work is remote, you can turn the guest room into an office.  It's a versatile space made just for your needs.

Outside is a private balcony where you can create your own entertaining oasis with water views.  You will also be near shops, restaurants, and parks, and Stonington has art galleries and an opera house.  There's a lobster market right next door, so what's not to love?

Now let's have a look at this gorgeous space offered by Laura Farr, which you can find at legacysir.com.

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