Have you ever lost something precious and after years of thinking about the lost item just gave up?  Well, you must not be from New England because a New Englander never gives up.

According to reporting by WMUR.com, Steve Rowell was skipping stones at a Barrington Pond with his brothers when his Spaulding High School class ring slipped off his finger.

Get this: that was in 1967!

Steve’s wife Kathy never gave up hope of finding it, the news station reported, and she didn’t stop looking for it over the last 53 years.

In the winter she looked through the ice; in the spring she looked through the mud.

Because New Hampshire is experiencing drought conditions, they got the help of a neighbor who had a metal detector and decided to give it another try, according to WMUR.

The neighbor, Tom Greco, told the news station: “Brought the much up, put it in and Kathy screamed. Tom says the ring was in the same condition the day he dropped it, is what we found.”

The ring was happily returned on the birthday of Steve’s late father on September 27, according to WMUR.

I must admit, I think I would have given up after a year.  Talk about persistence.  Come to think of it, I have no idea where my class ring is, and I didn’t graduate that long ago.

Okay, well it may have been a little bit, but it hasn’t been 53 years.

Congrats to Steve and Kathy Rowell, way to never give up. Well, I guess this is the one bright spot of the drought in New Hampshire.


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