We just got the best Christmas gift newlyweds can get...the remainder of our wedding photos arrived today.

If for some reason you may have missed the news, Madeleine and I eloped and tied the knot on December 1...at sunrise on the beach in Isle of Palms, SC. It was an absolutely perfect morning. It was warm. And the sun coming through the clouds provided a pretty dynamic backdrop for our special day.

Our photographer, Dennis, from Charleston Photo Art, captured each moment perfectly. And our wedding officiant, Cori, at Charleston Intimate Ceremonies, put together the perfect ceremony that captured our personalities and the exact vibe we were searching for. It really was the perfect day.

So here are my three favorite photos we just received...starting with number 3. Our photographer told me to say something romantic. Instead, I told Madeleine I wanted to go have breakfast at Chic-fil-A. I'm certain that's why her smile is so big!

Charleston Photo Art

This is my second favorite photo. You can see the sun peeking through the clouds. And we're holding our "We Eloped" sign that Madeleine had made as a surprise for me. By the way...yes, we're both barefoot and no it wasn't the least bit cold.

Charleston Photo Art

Finally, this is MY FAVORITE wedding photo we received today. One look at my beautiful bride's smile explains why.

F Charleston Photo Art

Thanks for all of the congratulations and well-wishes you've sent. I tried to reply to everyone who messaged or commented. If I missed yours...please accept this as a HUGE THANK YOU from both of us.