When I first heard Shark News Director, Don Briand, relay this story on our News Bite, I couldn't believe it.

The WMUR-TV piece above gets Sam Mousa's rendition of the story but I'd really like to hear from the alleged ax wielder Eric Chonacki to get a clearer view of what the heck happened.

There had to have been SOME kind of previous altercations between these two 'neighbors' that would cause someone to bring an AX into a heated discussion about snow blowing. Talk about a boundary issue!

Stories like these are nothing new to New Englanders. This story reminds me of a snow related scuffle between two Arlington Mass. ladies that ended with one being attacked with a Toro Power Shovel. 

The winter season is bad enough folks. Let's not make it any worse by brandishing destructive household tools at one another!

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