An Aroma Joe's run through North Berwick will net you a chance at a ton of great prizes as we kick off the month of June together!

Today from 11 til 1, join me at the grand opening of the North Berwick location of Aroma Joe's. You're already grabbing an amazing kick of Joe on a regular basis, take advantage of amazing deals like two dollar single rushes! If that's not your thing, how about another $2 steal on a sixteen ounce cappuccino, mocha, and flavored Frojoes. Whether you're in the mood for cold, or hot coffee, grab a FREE sixteen ounce hot or iced coffee.

The party continues with raffles for free car washes at North Berwick Car Wash. Also, enter to win some incredible prizes, like Lee Brice at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom!

Oh, and WOKQ Neon Tees!

It's Friday, take a long lunch, and come join the party at 19 Main St in North Berwick!





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