Take a Pub Crawl to New Heights in Vermont


In Vermont, they don’t refer to a pub crawl, but they do have a concept called hike & hops.  Which makes sense since everyone I have met from Vermont is in super excellent shape.  Given the amount of the best hiking in the world, it’s not surprising.  How could you not venture out into nature in a state as stunning as Vermont?  But surely, you can have your fun and exercise at the same time.


Match a Hike with a Brewery


Just make sure you hit the brewery after your hike and not before.  There are so many fantastic breweries in Vermont and so many hikes to pair them with.  I found a great guide for some on thetravel.com and just want to share a few I plan on taking this fall.


Where to Go


If you are hiking in Mount Philo State Park, this is a great start.  The hikes there range from beginner's easy to some more challenging ones.  The views are so worth the work you put into the hike and what better way to reward yourself than stopping by Foam Brewers in Burlington.  You can also end your hike at Zero Gravity Brewery which has a restaurant that features organic flatbreads. If you decide to head up to Stowe, hit up the trails before summer ends.  The town is known for its ski slopes, but the summers are great for hiking.  You can explore Sterling Pond or take the challenge of hiking Stowe Pinnacle.  To celebrate your hikes, you can stop at the Von Trapp Lodge and Bierhall, you might recognize the name from the “Sound of Music” fame.  Or you can choose The Alchemist, which is a favorite with the locals according to thetravel.com.   If you have time hit up the Idletyme Brewing Company.  The outdoor patio there makes you feel like you are still in the forest.  Try to make it to Vermont before summer ends to pair your hike with the perfect brew.



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