Our listener Christine Holt brought this Facebook group to my attention and I am so thrilled that she did. It's called: Amazon Fairies of NH. So what is an Amazon Fairy? How do I become one? Do I have to get in touch with Tinkerbell and see if she offers training sessions? No need to reach out to Tink, it's actually super easy.

As long as you have a New Hampshire address (I HAVE ONE OF THOSE NOW, whoop whoop!) you can join the group. You make your Amazon wish list public and share it in the group. Then these magical fairies (aka other members in the group) will send these items to your house.

This group is about so much more than getting free stuff. These women say the kindest most uplifting things to one another. In a time where life feels uncertain, scary, and some days down right depressing, it is important to surround yourself with positivity and hope. That is what these women do for each other.

Christine shared with me that this week, One of the member's mom is celebrating her 60th birthday. She posted her mothers wish list in the group and all of a sudden her mom started receiving all of the gifts on her list along with kind messages. This woman had to celebrate her 60th birthday in quarantine and the people in this group made it better and more memorable than she could ever imagine.

If you are concerned about privacy, Christine tells me that no one is able to see any one else's address so it's all very secure.

Thanks Christine for telling me about this group. I am so thrilled to now be a member!

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