Lenore "Lenny" Wilson was reported missing earlier this morning.

Augusta Police
Augusta Police

Police are seeking a three-year-old girl from Augusta, Maine who was reported missing Tuesday morning.

According to NECN, Lenore "Lenny" Wilson is believed to be in the company of 26-year-old Fatima L. Gissentaner. She told police she would bring the young girl in, but as of this afternoon has yet to do so.

Officials have been looking for the girl after respnding to 26 Sewall Street in August at 7 a.m. for a medical emergency. All available patrol units, fire units, State Police and Kennebec County Sheriff’s Deputies went on an immediate search of the area while detectives began interviewing witnesses.

Police updated their search with an Amber Alert in the afternoon.

Since our last media release, the Augusta Police Department has developed information that Lenore is most like in the company of 26 year old Fatima L Gissentaner who goes by the nickname of China. The Augusta Police has spoken by phone with Fatima who has advised us that she was at the location of the medical emergency and is now in the company of Lenore.

Fatima has advised Detectives that she would bring Lenore to the Augusta Police Department but at this time she has yet to have arrived. We have already been in touch with the Department of Public Safety in order to issue an Amber Alert. If anyone has contact with Fatima or Lenore please contact the Augusta Police Department at 626-2370.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Lenore or the identity of the people she may be with to contact the Augusta Police Department at 626-2370.

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