If you're parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent and you're unaware of why your kids are so excited to meet Amber Montana, we've got the skinny for you.

Amber Montana
Amber Montana

She stars as Taylor Hathaway in the hit Nickelodeon series The Haunted Hathaways! Per wikipedia:

"The series tells the story of a mother named Michelle Hathaway moving her two daughters, Taylor and Frankie, to New Orleans where they open a bakery. They come to find out that the house is haunted by Ray Preston and his two sons, Miles and Louie as they are actually ghosts. The families learn how to live with each other using their ghost powers and normal human powers."

In this clip from the Young Hollywood channel on YouTube, Amber and her co-stars offer a behind the scenes tour of the set of the show.

Now that you're familiar with what launched Amber Montana's career, be sure to meet her at Kidabaloo in Dover on April 25th! She'll be signing autographs, taking pictures and hanging with fans.


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