Niomi Stanley of Stanley Photography in Charlestown, New Hampshire captured an amazing moment on Saturday and shared it on the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page. An adorable otter was going for a swim in her pond so she grabbed her camera (a Nikon d3400) and got to snapping! The Otter appears to know he is being photographed as he peeked his head above the water and struck a pose. Look at this little face!

Niomi got tons of well deserved compliments on this photo. Many people said it was "National Geographic" caliber.

What did she name the Otter? We're all dying to know! I saw a few suggestions in the comments, someone said "Otto" or "Whiskers". Niomi revealed that she has been referring to her new pal as "Sushi Eater". He has been grabbing fish from the pond to snack on so it seems fitting. Someone get that guy some wasabi and soy sauce!

Weddings, concerts, and sports games are cancelled. But guess what? Nature isn't! Take some time to enjoy your beautiful surroundings today.

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