All Mothers Seem to Love Babies

We all love stories of baby animals, so I don’t know why I was so surprised by the article on about Kiki, a gorilla mama at the Boston Franklin Park Zoo in Maine, and a human mother with her human five-month-old son.

The encounter was so moving for Emmily Austin, the mother of little five-month-old Canyon.

Truly Touching Encounter


As Emmily stood in front of the glass at the exhibit she noticed Kiki, herself a mother of five gorilla babies noticed Emily and her baby.  Kiki was so curious about the baby!

She was trying to touch the baby through the glass and just kept gazing with love at little Canyon, per the news station.

Emily told “When I walked into the zoo that day, I never could’ve imagined that we’d have this experience.  It was so beautiful, and we walked out over the moon.  And we had so many people stop us and tell us that was the most beautiful thing we’ve ever watched.”

The Power of Babies

I went to see my grandson, Bodhi, this weekend, and I have to say I understand Kiki’s reaction completely.  There is just something magical about a baby.  I just stared into my grandson’s eye and it was like our souls were touching and communicating.  No words were necessary.  He is only 3 months old and can’t talk yet, but I felt so bonded and connected.

What a beautiful experience for Emmily and her son.  The love of one mother and other admiring babies.  Nature can be so beautiful.




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