We are about to learn a lot more about the history of watercraft in New England thanks to a sharp-eyed archaeologist.

According to WMUR, Tim Spahr saw the canoe in the tidal sand of Cape Porpoise harbor in Maine.

It may take years for the canoe to go through the preservation process, but much will be learned along the way.

Three other dugout canoes have been found in Maine previously, but all were discovered to be made after the Europeans had made homes in New England, WMUR stated.

This find is particularly exciting because it is estimated that it dates back more than 700 years, according to the news station.

Made of a birch tree, the 700-year-old dugout canoe will teach experts in the field tons of information about Native American history as the artifact undergoes a lengthy, meticulous process of preservation, WMUR reported.

To think I feel lucky when I find a quarter on the ground.  I can’t imagine the archaeologist’s excitement at finding a 700-year-old canoe.

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