Mark and I decided to try a new restuarant this weekend and we happened upon Hayseed at the Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton, NH. 

We got there early enough so we didn't have to wait for table. The staff was very friendly and very helpful when it came to me ordering a beer.

I'm just going to come right out and admit it. I never got into the craft beer phenomana.  I have always been a Miller Lite girl! So, when the server came over to our table, I was all set to order the Vunderbar Pilsner, becuase I had texted my friend Joe, who is a legit craft beer afficiando. He was right, that first Vunderbar went down pretty quickly, and I ordered a second to go with my meal!

Mark decided to try a plum cinnamon sour beer. Let's just say, I stuck with my pilsner! The food was delicious. Becuase it was St. Patrick's Day weekend, I of course being half-Irish had to get the corned beef and cabbage dinner. Mark ordered the salmon dish with potato pancakes and there was nothing left to for either of us to take home.

So, Hayseed, I'm sure you'll be seeing us again. I did notice you have a delicous sounding Grilled Cheese sandwich on your menu along with tasty looking salads. So, until we meet again, please thank your staff for a wonderful Saturday night out!


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