The other day, I took my mother out for a cup of coffee at a local spot in my hometown.

This coffee shop has been there for years. As a matter of fact, I remember going to the shop with my lifelong friends after school and gossiping and giggling like teen-aged girls do (truth be told, I remember going there on Sunday mornings when we'd skip Sunday school)! 

But, as my mother and I sat down with our coffee and snack, there were two teen girls sitting at the table next us. The entire time we were there, they didn't speak one word to each other. Their heads were buried in their phones. I couldn't believe they weren't talking to each other. Why go out after school with each other if you're not going to talk? This was like a social studies project for me. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Is that how kids and young adults interact nowadays? Is the interaction all done through the phone?  I guess I just don't understand how you connect with friends, if you're sitting across from each other and you don't speak ONE WORD.

So kids and young adults of today...PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND TALK!

Now, I know times have changed. I know the world is different. It just seems to me that there should always be a need for people to actually talk to each other. I don't understand how you would form lifelong friendships without it.

My takeaway from this...I'm so thankful I grew up in the age of no cellphones.

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

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