Never to early to start thinking about the weekend, right? Well, a cycling buddy of mine convinced me to spend part of it climbing close to 4000 feet.

The Kancamagus is one the most popular foliage rides in North America. For cyclists, it can be the climax of a season of hard work. Or, for more experienced riders, the stepping stone to a larger goal.

I'm somewhere in between.

Late last year, I set out to ride 5000 miles. Living in this part of the country makes road bike riding year-round a challenge. Before jumping on the indoor Zwift craze, I'd top out at a few thousand miles each year. Criossing the 4k mark last year, the number was upped to 5. While currently at the 2300 mark, and the Trek Across Maine coming up, I needed a hilly route to springboard to the 3 day, 180 mile TAM.

Injury, not ready, laziness, and etc kept me from being fully invested. Not that I'm ready now, but at least a post ride stop at the Pizza Barn will be great motivation.

Have you ever rode the Kanc?

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