They had an arsenal of hits, but The Cars' music well was much deeper than you might remember.

Sunday night, news broke of Ric Ocasek's passing. Enshrined in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for hits like My Best Friend's Girl, Drive, and others, The Cars also had a deep catalog of songs you may have forgotten you knew.

  • 5.  Dangerous Type - "Can I touch you, are you out of touch" was one of the many lines only Ric could sing, and it make it sound cool. Much like Tom Petty, it was all in the delivery. In part, that's what made him an icon.


  • 4. All Mixed Up - The first album was loaded with hits, including Moving in Stereo. All Mixed Up is the lesser known companion, but none the less crucial. To this day, I won't listen to one without the other.


  • 3. Why Can't I Have You - Due to a number of bizarre incidents, Def Leppard's Hysteria almost never happened. Often overlooked, the fact producer John "Mutt" Lange almost didn't take on the project after exhausting himself during the sessions for Heartbeat City. Love Bites could never be the stalker anthem this minor hit single was, but the sound Mutt perfected on future records is right here.


  • 2. Touch and Go - Looking at The Cars' cannon, Panorama is considered the "fans record." The band's third album lacked the hit singles which anchored their larger stage pieces, but that doesn't make it any less crucial. One standout is this hooked out/multi solo gem.


  • 1. Double Life -  One of Candy O's (their best record IMO) key tracks had every  essential ingredient to a great Cars song. Simple arrangement, deadpan delivery, counter harmony, twisting guitar, and a hook that could go on for days. As we started this list, we'll end by quoting Ric "It takes a fast car lady to lead a double life."

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