The feeling of freedom!

Who doesn’t remember riding their bike on a warm summer evening and the feeling of freedom it gives? Or, perhaps you do remember that feeling, went out and bought a bike trying to regain that sense of childhood wonder, but it’s in the garage collecting dust?

You are in luck!

According to, check on your child and see how much they have grown since last year. Maybe it’s time for a new bike.

Well, we've got the thing for you.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could swap your child’s old bike for a new one at the same time helping a smaller child?

Check out the 11th Annual Concord Community Bicycle Swap happening Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19.

And if you have one that you are just stubbing your toe on in the garage, head over and help the folks at the Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition and S&W Sports.

They are holding a “bicycle swap” this weekend.

Be warned, it gets very busy.  Happy trails and safe cycling to you all.

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