This one hit me hard. My mom and I always did my back to school shopping at JCPenney. So many "first day of school outfits" were discovered in those dressing rooms.

The correlation between online shopping becoming mainstream and weaker sales in mall stores is undeniable. First Kmart, then Macy's and now JCPenney!

According to USA Today, with fast fashion retailers like H&M and Forever 21 undermining JCPenney's business, we can expect to see a lot of changes that will position JCPenney as a true competitor.

They will be adding toys, beauty products, appliances and home goods as they try to appeal to the customer base, which is 70% women.

I am happy to hear that they aren't doing away with physical stores all together. And it sounds like the remaining stores will be offering a wider range of products so that is exciting!

Of course we wish the best to the folks who will lose their jobs over these changes. We hope they can get back on their feet and find something new soon.

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