Even the most prepared, experienced hikers can run into trouble on the trail.  Last Sunday Game Wardens were contacted that a hiker was in trouble just east of Moosehead Lake according to WMTW.com.  The area is often referred to as the ‘100-mile Wilderness.’  I marvel at how well the Game Wardens know these remote forested areas.  I know when hitting the trails, we try and prepare for everything.  When my wife and I head out, we always carry a medical kit and let our kids know where we are hiking and when we expect to return.


The hiker from Ohio is only 33 years old and began experiencing chest pains while on the hike.  Game Wardens were able to pinpoint his location and a Maine Forest ranger helicopter airlifted the man to CA Dean Hospital in Greenville according to reporting by WMTW.com. Many first responders were dispatched for the rescue that included ATVs, Wardens on foot, and a helicopter.   I hope I never need to call first responders for a rescue while I hike but I am grateful for their tireless service.

Because of the heat, my wife and I have canceled hikes for the last two weekends.  I am a bit older than the hiker that was rescued last Sunday, and I am, frankly, too big for my wife to drag me out of the forest.  We try to stay on well-traveled trails and not go long distances.  I look with envy at the beautiful social media shots taken in remote locations, but I am sticking close to home until this weather cools down a bit.  I hope the hiker fully recovers and applaud the Game Wardens that keep us safe.




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