Every year for the past 11 years, Gallup has done a survey to find out just how "well" Americans really are. Then they rank each state by their wellness score. In other words, they want to know just how happy and healthy all of us are.

They base the scores on five things: how much people like their job, the quality of their relationships and friendships, financial security, how much they like their community, and their physical health.

This year's survey was just released. And for the seventh time, the happiest and healthiest place in the United States is the island paradise of Hawaii.

I feel like this is just a gimme! What's NOT to love about living in Hawaii? Sure it's expensive. But it's warm and sunny, it's beautiful, and you can get a drink in a pineapple any time you want. Sign me up for THAT!

As I looked through the list I was very curious to see how the New England states fared this year. I didn't have to look too far down the list to find Vermont at number seven.

New Hampshire wasn't far behind at number eleven. The Granite State was actually 5th on the list for financial happiness and health.

Massachusetts was 17. And Maine fell out of the Top 20, at number 21.

While we're not as happy or healthy as folks in Hawaii...let's be real, it's hard to compete with Hawaii for anything. Especially drinks in a pineapple.


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