So, are the Patriots the greatest of all time? As far as wins and loses? Yes!

It’s official folks. According to, the Patriots last decade has been one for the record books.

It’s the greatest decade for an NFL team in the history of NFL teams. Ever. Period.

The team holds a winning percentage of .777, the article states. Lucky 7s anyway you look at it.

Tom Brady has been the key to the Pat’s success.

If you recall, the Patriots had a pretty good decade from 2000-2009 with a record of 126 wins to 52 losses.

But nothing stops Tom Brady.

When Drew Bledsoe became injured, I don’t think anyone could envision the success of this franchise with Tom Brady as the quarterback.  Bledsoe was hard to beat.

I can’t imagine if Brady ever retires who would have the courage to step into those cleats.  Some sports leaders are one of a kind. No matter how many heavyweight fighters we will see, there will never be another Muhammad Ali.

Brady’s stats speak for themselves, but the man he is off the field says a lot about not just was a tremendous athlete he is but an amazing role model as well.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t retire anytime soon.

For the record, I believe the greatest team I ever saw was the Pittsburgh Steelers of the '70s.

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