Has Tom Brady Lost His Magic? Say it isn’t so.  It looks like the GOAT may have lost his magic touch.  According to NBC Boston, this may be “The end of Tom Brady as a Patriot.”   The loss last night was not a good sign for Brady.

The GOAT has previously stated that he would like to play football till he is 45 but the Patriots have not given him the extension he has requested, and they have had every opportunity.  Are the Patriots losing faith in Brady? Or should I say, Has Bill Belicheck lost his faith in Tom?

If this is all sounding familiar, it is.  Back in 2017, according to NBC Boston, the Patriots did not want to serve up an agreement for a 40-year-old quarterback.  Now the same scenario is happening for a 42-year-old quarterback who doesn't seem the same.

This happens all the time in the NFL. No one in a million years would have thought that Joe Montana from The San Francisco 49'er's, who some consider the greatest of all time would play for another team, but he did. Then you have Payton Manning, Brett Farve, Emmitt Smith, etc. Only time will tell but in my humble opinion, this is the end for Brady in New England. Where do you think he'll play next year?



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