There is a feel-good story about a life-saving pup. According to 7newsboston, fire officials are giving credit where credit is due to a dog that alerted the resident of a house in flames of the fire.

A fire occurred in a structure outside the house on Hundreds Road in Westborough. A dog in a neighboring home alerted the resident about the fire. I can only imagine a dog going nuts barking to a point where it woke a neighbor. There is significant damage to the exterior of the deck, the exterior of the building and a hot tub.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported to 7newsboston thanks to the alert received by the neighbor’s dog. Had the resident slept through the fire the damage to property could have been worse. Even more importantly the damage to humans could have been a lot worse. If you needed even more reasons to have a dog, saving you from a fire can now be added to your list.

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