All baby animals are adorable.

Take cows, for example. Most humans would not say an adult cow is "cute." BUT, BUT, BUT, a baby cow (a calf)? Those things are very cute.

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Zoo New England in Stoneham, Massachusetts, has a new baby animal in their lineup, and he is adorable.

The baby porcupine has made national headlines, as the little bugger was born weighing under a pound.

Now, I know you're thinking, "Porcupines are not cute." Well, what if I showed you this?

CBS Boston via Youtube
CBS Boston via Youtube

That little guy is certainly cute.

"The porcupette (baby porcupine) is the fourth baby for mom Prickles, 10, and the 11-year-old dad named Shadow," according to a CBS News article.

Despite weighing less than a pound at birth, "We've observed the porcupette grip branches with its prehensile tail, which is an excellent sign of a strong, healthy baby," the zoo's Assistant Curator Pete Costello said in a statement to CBS News.

If you head to Zoo New England, don't be alarmed if the baby porcupine is alone. These animals, unlike many others, "are fairly independent after birth and don't nurse often, so guests may see the baby on a branch by itself," the zoo said to CBS News. We are obsessed with this little one.

The Stone Zoo (Zoo New England) is located at 149 Pond Street in Stoneham, Massachusetts, 02180. The zoo is home to snow leopards, black bears, sloths, and lots of other exotic animals.

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