We are all making it our life's mission to not let Covid ruin Christmas. Covid can rob us of St. Patty's day, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving but we are drawing the line! We are taking Christmas back. The CDC already informed us that the big guy in red is immune to the Coronavirus so we don't have to be nervous about him spreading germs all over our houses. (Thank goodness)

The New England Dance Ensemble are doing their part to keep the holiday spirit alive. Performances of "The Nutcracker" are being cancelled all over the country. But Fosters reports that the dance company said the show must *safely* go on! After all, they couldn't possibly cancel their 20th anniversary show!

New England Dance Ensemble is presenting exclusive screenings of "The Nutcracker" at BarnZ's Drive-in in Barrington, NH. The performance was filmed and edited by a professional cinematographer so you will be able to see the emotion on the dancer's faces! Much better than nosebleed seats at the Boston Ballet.

Get ready to embrace your inner Sugar Plum Fairy at BarnZ's located at 586 Calef Hwy, No 1 Barrington. There will be four showings at 6 pm Dec 5-6 and 12-13. Tickets are $25 a person for general parking and $35 a person for priority parking.

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