It may not seem like it, but Spring has been here for weeks. The prolonged cold has allowed a group in Maine to build a world class carousel for charity.


According to WCSH, about a hundred people assembled what has become the world's largest ice carousel in Sinclair, near the Canadian border. More than 60 businesses contributed materials and prizes for what became a fund raiser for Meals on Wheels. The carousel weighs 22 million pounds. It spins at about two-tenths of a mile an hour, making one revolution in about an hour and a half.

Three outboard engines spin the big circle.To create the circle, the volunteer crew dug over fourteen hundred holes in the ice using ice augers. Afterwards, they used chainsaws to break the gaps between holes. After a channel was opened, they cleaned the edges with saws.

If you're thinking of a trip north to ride it, you may want to put the brakes on that idea. With wind chills, it's hard to keep the channel open, and officials do not plan to to turn it again.





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