I was driving around my hometown of Leominster MA the other day with Steven and he noticed that there is a lot of apple action going on in my town. Pictures of apples of street signs, apple monuments, were kind of obsessed with apples. So he inquired with the simple question "What is up with that?"

I launched into how my hometown is the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed. He was a real dude named John Chapman who wore a pot on his head and walked around spreading good vibes and planting apple trees. He was kind of the man. I went to Johnny Appleseed Elementary School (known as JA to us locals) and every year we have a huge parade to honor him. So yeah, that is our claim to fame in Leominster! Well, sure it could be cooler but it could also be lamer too.

Our listener's shared with us their hometowns and what they are known for and some of these are pretty funny, others awesome and some just downright random.

Rob Zombie is from Haverill, MA

AND the first Macy's store was there!

Henniker NH is the only Henniker on Earth

Chester Greenwood (the creator of the earmuff) is from Farmington ME

Adam Sandler went to High School in Manchester NH

Famous Boxer Rocky Marciano is from Brockton MA

The first Friendly's Restaurant was in Wilbraham, MA

What is your hometown's claim to fame? Let us know in the comments section!

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