Well, I guess the positive way to look at this upcoming snow storm is that you're burning calories shoveling the snow away, so you can enjoy all the Thanksgiving goodness with no guilt!

It really does feel like Christmas week and not the week of Thanksgiving. Another storm is coming our way tonight into Tuesday and it's forecasted to dump around 3-6 inches of the white stuff, depending on where you live.

According to Kevin Skarupa, WMUR meteorologist, the snow will start on Tuesday with 3-6" accumulation in places, wrapping up late day. The southeast portion of the state might see a mix of rain and snow Tuesday afternoon before all the precipitation moves out. Kevin also says we can expect a very, very cold Turkey Day with temps between 10-22 degrees? Say what? You're sure we all didn't sleep through November and December? This cold is crazy for this time of year. We'll all be sitting 'round the fireplace drinking eggnog while digesting our turkey and stuffing. And, if you plan on going to any high-school football games, you best bundle up. It's going to be cold in those stands!

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