The latest Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors are called 'Cereal Splashback!' They sound amazing, but there's a catch...

The Vermont-based ice creamery calls their latest concoctions a 'throwback to memories of breakfast in front of Saturday morning cartoons,' only this cereal is in the form of cereal milk ice cream!

The catch is the new ice cream flavors can only be found at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shops. They are NOT AVAILABLE at your local grocers freezer...yet!

Below, are the three new flavors:

'Fruit Loot' has fruity cereal swirls

Credit Ben and Jerry's website

The 'Frozen Flakes' is their take on cornflakes 

Credit Ben and Jerry's Website

And...for the chocaholics, it's 'Cocoa Loco'

Credit Ben and Jerry's website