That might be overstating it, but it seems like Ben & Jerry's new dessert beer will either be amazing or awful with little room for a result in between.

In cooperation with New Belgium Brewing Company, Ben & Jerry's has announced the release of their first dessert beer: Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

Two things that disappoint me about this. One, why didn't they work in conjunction with a Vermont-based brewery? With the likes of Long Trail, Magic Hat, and Switchback among the 40 or so breweries in the state, you'd think they could have paired with someone in their home state. The Fort Collins, Co based New Belgium Brewing does make the wonderful Fat Tire and many other tasty brews, so this is no knock on them. Just would've been nice to see a local brew get dips, er dibs.

Second disappointment? There is no pun or play on words in the name of the beer! No Karamel Sutra or Neapolitan Dynamite type of name? Ah well... I'm skeptical about this brew but brown ales rank as my favorite style as of late and this does sound... interesting.

More interesting to me will be the hundreds of beers available for tasting at America on Tap coming to Raitt Farm in Eliot on June 27th. Click below for tickets.