The natural reaction when you spot a bald eagle is to just stop talking and stare with your mouth agape as your eyes follow their every move. They are such majestic creatures and watching them fly with that vast wingspan is nothing short of breathtaking.

Bryan Sopko was fishing on Whittemore Lake in Bennington, New Hampshire when he saw a scene straight from Animal Planet unfold before his very eyes!

WHOA! That happened so quick! I always wonder what the bald eagle does after he/she catches the fish. Do they fly straight to their nest and drop it in for his/her family? Do they drop it in the woods or a secluded area and let it flop around for dear life? Or do they just drop it back in the lake after flying around with it in his/her talons? If you know the answer, please enlighten me!

Great job capturing this moment, Bryan! And Thanks to WMUR for sharing it with us.

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