Corner Point Brewing Company in Berwick, Maine and Aroma Joe's share the same passion for high quality beverages! That's why they have combined forces to bring us the Aroma Joe's Coffee Porter. If you are into heavier, full flavored beers, you have to try this! According to Aroma Joe's Facebook, it uses Vienna Malt and a blend of Aroma Joe's coffee and a touch of lactose. Usually I prefer lighter beers but I love Aroma Joe's coffee so I'd be willing to give this a whirl.

Aroma Joe's Coffee via Faebok
Aroma Joe's Coffee via Faebok

The people can't wait to try this concoction! Everyone is tagging their coffee and beer loving pals on this post. Growlers of  Aroma Joe's Coffee Porter are now available for a limited time, so grab them while you can at Corner Point Brewing Company at 1 Sullivan Street in Berwick, ME!

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