Summer is almost here. And if you're single and ready to mingle...there's no better place to live than New England for a multitude of reasons. Great beaches, beautiful mountains, amazing restaurants...and plenty of single people just like you.

A new study by the apartment-finding website, Zumper, ranked the 382 biggest metro areas in the United States from best to worst for single people in 2018. They rated each city on five things: the percentage of single people, the percentage of people with college degrees, bars and restaurants per capita, cost of rent, and Internet access, so you can use all the dating apps.

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Boulder, CO took the top spot. But Boston, MA was a close second. Followed by Bridgeport, CT. And Pittsfield, MA was number five. Closer to home...Manchester, NH was number 44 on the list. Portland, ME was a little further down the list at 47.

So single people...what are you waiting for? Grab your phones, download apps for BumbleTinder, or Match, and get busy meeting someone. Summer is almost here. It would be a shame to waist the beautiful days. After all, like love...summer is fleeting.


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