In my opinion, these are the Best Country Albums of 2013! - Do you agree?
3rd place
Chris Young.  His latest offering "A.M." took him down a different path, both vocally and musically.  I think it's safe to say Chris Young is best known for love songs.  His voice lends itself magically to a ballad.  That's why it was a bit of a shock when I listened to "A.M." it took me a couple of listens front to back to really come to enjoy the songs.

*Best songs on the album:  "Hold You To It" and "Who I am With You."
*Keep up with Chris via his website.

2nd place:
Brett Eldredge.  I really enjoyed the CD "Bring You Back."  Brett voice is very recognizable and I think following him on Twitter makes me like him even more.  He seems like a down-to-earth, guy-next-door type that would help you rake your leaves or fix a flat tire.  The guy is super-talented when it comes to music.

*Best songs on the album: "One Mississippi" and "Go On Without Me."
*Keep up with Brett via his website.

1st Place:
Leann Rimes.  She may be a target of gossip magazines, but the girl can sign and she proves it on "Spitfire."  This album, by far IMHO, is the BEST of 2013.  Leann's voice is so emotional and raw and the CD tells a story from beginning to end.  It's a shame that she doesn't get more airplay and attention for her songs and her talent.  If you were to buy one CD from 2013 in the country genre, I highly recommend "Spitfire."

*Best songs on the album: "What Have I Done," "Spitfire," "Gasoline And Matches"
*Keep up with Leann on her website.


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