If there is one thing I am an expert on, it is DONUTS

You judge a donut shop by its glazed donut. Not by the chocolate frosted, not by the one with sprinkles, definitely not by its bacon-flavored donut, and not even by the famous New England Cider Donut. Judge it by its glazed and get them while they are hot. 

Take a step back in time to the '50s. Donut Dip with its Neon sign and 1950s signature style takes you back to when baked goods were made with love, not machines.

They have two locations: one in West Springfield and one in East Longmeadow. Sure, they have fancier pastries, but their glazed donuts are out of this world. 

Get it hot. Get there early in the morning when they are fresh out of the cast iron pot and you are in for a culinary experience that is out of this world. Check out their website for details https://donutdip.com

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