There are so many different designs and styles when it comes to police vehicles in New Hampshire.

And there's no one set color or look. You've got your black and white cars. You've got your blue cars. You've got your Chargers and your Explorers. You've got stripes and swooshes.

Ever seen one on the interstate or while you're rolling through town and think, "Wow, that's a pretty sweet looking police cruiser"?

In fact, which New Hampshire town or city police department do you think has the best looking car? There's so many to choose from, each with their own unique spin.

And a bunch of them really know how to shine during the holidays or near a gorgeous sunset. (Frankly, any New Hampshire backdrop makes a photo stand out!)

Take a look at these 40 different police cars across New Hampshire, and then you decide which one you think is the sleekest, or the coolest, or best looking.

Check Out the Wide Variety of Looks, Styles of Police Cars Across These NH Cities, Towns

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