Who knew that you could ride rollercoasters in December? Not me, that's for sure.

I also did not know that the oldest continually-operating theme park in all of North America was in New England. Did you?

Don't lie. You had no clue either!

Well, it is true. The oldest continually operating theme park in North America is Lake Compounce. Look how amazing this place is.

There is a lot going on at this Connecticut wonderland.

According to a Boston Uncovered article, at Lake Compunce, you can ride "Boulder Dash, a 4,672-foot wooden coaster that takes guests along the lush, tree-lined perimeter of the park that was voted the world’s #1 wooden roller coaster 5 times, according to Lake Compounce."

The #1 wooden roller coaster is within a three-hour drive. How the heck did we not know about this?

But this place is even cooler.

Yes, right now you can ride these coasters, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of holiday lights.

Even more wild, Lake Compounce is home to "the Wildcat, one of the oldest roller coasters in the world," according to Boston Uncovered. "This wooden coaster has been around since 1927."

Check out the incredible lights, history, and fun at Lake Compounce in Connecticut this winter or summer, whatever makes more sense (seems cold in the winter).

The entire 332-acre theme park is decked out with festive holiday lights, including the 100-foot tall tree(making it the tallest in the state of Connecticut)! And the best part is you can get an aerial view of all of the holiday lights by hopping on one of the park’s amusement rides. Whether you are daring enough to ride the rollercoaster or want something timid like the carousel, Lake Compounce offers a thrilling holiday light viewing experience that you can’t find anywhere else.


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