One of the only ways to avoid the winter blues in New England is to do winter activities.

I'm talking about skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even winter hikes. Now if those "active" activities are too much for you, tubing is a no-brainer when it comes to a "leisurely" winter activity.

Tubing brings thrills, adrenaline, and relaxation all together in one activity. I, personally, love winter tubing. From adults to kids, it is nearly impossible to not smile while on a massive snow slide.

USA Today set out to find the best tubing in America, and two New Hampshire ski mountains made the top 10 list. Actually, they made the top six list.

Coming in at the #6 spot was King Pine Ski Area.

King Pine is an ideal tubing spot for anyone looking to stay local. Located in Madison, NH, the smaller mountain is only an hour from the Portsmouth/Dover area.

That said, King Pine ranks sixth. If you want better than the sixth-best tubing destination in America you will have to drive another 30 minutes north to Cranmore Mountain.

Cranmore's Tubing Park ranked the fifth best in the entire country. And there is no surprise why. Check out the tubing highlights below:

Cranmore Mountain is perfect for families and small getaways. Located in North Conway, there is something for everyone in your family. From shopping to skiing, North Conway and Cranmore Mountain is a great place to begin your winter tubing trip.

They also have night tubing which is, for whatever reason, even more fun than daytime tubing.

Shout out to USA Today for giving these two New Hampshire ski mountains the #5 and #6 spot in the top 10 best tubing destinations in America.

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