Be careful! Bangor Police in Maine say countereit money is being circulated in the area and there's already been one arrest.

According to an article from News Center Maine,  many businesses in the Bangor community have said they have received both $50 and $100 bills with red Asian symbols printed on them.

Bangor, Maine police say they took one woman into custody for trying to use the counterfeit money at a convenience store.

According to authorities, three local businesses have reported receiving counterfeit $50 and $100 dollar bills. Police say all businesses and banking institutions should be alert, and double checking all of the money they receive.

Officials say counterfeit bills can often be detected by the size or even the texture of the bill. It is believed that more of the fake money may be in circulation around the area. Police are continuing their investigation.

If you have any information concerning the counterfeit money, you can call the Bangor Police Department or leave an anonymous tip at 207-947-7384.

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