It’s that time of year.  According to, Gorham Police have issued their annual warning to Maine residents that hungry bears are out and about and warning residents to be on the lookout. New England is beautiful, and I love to hike.  I am so angry because my wife made fun of me for buying bear mace.

She made me return it. I used this notification to prove to her that I really NEED bear mace.  She said unless I am a bird feeder, I don’t need it.  I should be aware of my surroundings and pay attention and listen deeply when I hike.  Also, to follow the news for recent bear sightings.  She also swims and kayaks in the ocean where we all know there are SHARKS.  She grew up on a farm and has had two close encounters with a bear and they ended okay because she is still here, but I am afraid of bears.


According to, The Gorham Police department took to their Facebook page to warn local residents that early spring through November is hungry bear season.  The bears are out and about so lock down your grill, put your trash in bear-proof cans and watch your birdfeeders.  They also caution residents to notify police if there have been any neighborhood sightings. Gorham Police did put out a warning about a bear sighting in the area of Lawn Avenue and Sunset Avenue.  Berwick Police warned residents that a bear had raided a chicken coop last week.  I don’t care what my wife says, I am buying that bear mace. Just in case. KTP here I come again.




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