Attention all residents of New Hampshire.

According to WMUR, they are warning of a scam caller targeting New Hampshire residents by promising to resolve an outstanding warrant for money.  The scammer identifies themselves as a sheriff’s deputy and tells the victim that they can resolve an outstanding warrant for their immediate arrest if they fork over $200.

The news station reports that authorities want residents to know that no law enforcement agency will ever make a phone call to ask for money.  Scam calls have been an increasing threat to vulnerable victims, and they seem to target the elderly more frequently.

Unfortunately, technology makes it increasingly difficult to catch these individuals and they can hide behind fake phone numbers.

Be ever diligent when taking a call from an unknown number.  Scammers can get personal information about you from your social media accounts. Never give your bank account number to anyone over the phone.

Also, watch for text messages, I've been receiving text messages offering me money, etc. I never respond.

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